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Our Story

Michael Morton and Jenna Morton opened CRUSH American Grill in December 2013 at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. CRUSH is a celebration of food, drinks, and good feelings. Upon entering CRUSH, you are immediately taken back by the sophisticated yet relaxed atrium style dining room. Walk a little further, and you will find behind inscribed steel doors, our "hidden gem" Greek Sneek. 

CRUSH's menu includes a range of offerings to satisfy both the foodie and casual diner, from crispy shrimp with lemon aioli to filet mignon topped with blue cheese fondue.

Similarly, CRUSH features an expertly curated wine list featuring handcrafted wines from some of the best vineyards around the world to celebrate the adventurist's palate . A selection of spirits, artisanal beers, and specialty cocktails (we like to call love elixirs), are included in our beverage program.

Musical playlists parallel the menu offerings with rhythms and genres from across the spectrum. Our venue embraces both the camaraderie of breaking bread and the celebration of sharing a glass.

Fair warning: the satyr in the logo is renowned as the sidekick of Dionysus who leads the way to the merriment. Please note that the satyr is also a friend of Pan, known to induce wild behavior.

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